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31 NW 57th St, Miami, FL 33127

The staff considers the overall health of the foot and can be basic or advanced depending on individual needs. ... They can assess and treat skin, nail and foot conditions and can advise you on how to handle it.

Foot care is when you wash and check your feet or another person's feet. Check the feet before, during, and after foot care. Foot care is important to help prevent problems, such as open sores. People with conditions such as diabetes or poor blood flow should do foot care each day

Daily foot care for people likely to develop foot problems includes washing the feet in tepid water with mild soap and oiling the feet with vegetable oil or a lanolin-based lotion. Toenails should be cut straight across above the level of the skin after soaking the feet in tepid water. Corns and calluses should not be cut. If they need removal, it should be done under the care of a doctor. Athletes foot and plantar warts should also be treated by a doctor if they develop in high risk patients.

Many people with diabetes or circulatory disorders have problems with cold feet. These problems can be reduced by avoiding smoking tobacco (smoking constricts the blood vessels), wearing warm socks, not crossing the legs while sitting or not sitting in one position too long, or avoiding constricting stockings.

People with circulatory problems should not use heating pads or hot water bottles on their feet, as even moderate heat can damage the skin if circulation is impaired.

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Catherine Ng Totoro
November 30, -0001 at

Just visited shop at beauty world. Very impress by the staff friendliness and expertise.

XiangWei Neo
November 30, -0001 at

Professional service and good knowledge on product.

Wen AY
November 30, -0001 at

Dịch vụ nhân viên thân thiện và kiên nhẫn! ? ?. Hy vọng có thể giảm giá thêm cho thanh thiếu niên và thế hệ tiên phong và khách hàng hiện có!

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31 NW 57th St, Miami, FL 33127

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