We all know that when winter rolls around, there are certain hair care tips to follow to keep your hair healthy and beautiful. Winter often leaves our hair dry and brittle, which is why we work hard to care for our hair when the weather gets colder. But what about summer? Are there special hair care tips that you can follow to keep your locks healthy and gorgeous throughout the summer? Of course there are!

At The Hair Company in Nashua, we know a thing or two about hair care and how to keep your locks as healthy as possible, no matter the season! If you want to keep your hair looking as good as possible and feeling as healthy as possible this summer, follow our tips! Be sure to schedule an appointment to get a fresh new haircut just in time for summer. In this blog, we are going to give you some tips for proper hair care in the summer. Read on to learn more.

Wear Hats

Wearing hats or hair scarves in the summer is a great way to protect yourself from UV rays, but covering your head with an accessory can also benefit your hair! The sun can damage your hair and cause fading. Wearing a hat or scarf is like wearing sunscreen for your hair! You can also add a deep conditioner with SPF to your routine to help further protect your hair from sun damage.

Minimize Chlorine Damage

Chlorine is no friend to hair. You may be familiar with green hair, which is caused by too much exposure to chlorine. While we know you want to spend time in the pool this summer, there are steps you can take to prep your hair before diving in. Dry hair is absorbent, which means that when you step into chlorine water with dry hair, it will absorb those chemicals. To avoid this, you can rinse your hair with tap water before getting into the pool. Once you get out of the pool, rinse your hair with some apple cider vinegar and water to minimize chlorine damage.

Wash Less

This is always going to be a tip to achieving the healthiest hair possible, no matter what season it is. While you may want to wash your hair more in the summer because your scalp seems oilier, you shouldn’t. Washing your hair too much will actually strip your hair of its natural oils, which causes it to produce more oil. Try washing your hair as little as possible, it will help keep your hair healthy and nourished.

Style In Loose and Comfortable Looks

When you style your hair, try to choose styles that are loose and comfortable. A loose braid can help keep your hair controlled and minimize sun exposure, which can help keep your hair healthy. When you use tight hairstyles, it can be damaging, especially if your hair is dry from the heat of the summer. Loose buns, braids, and other styles can also help you avoid using heat tools for styling, which is always beneficial, especially in summer.

Following these tips can help you keep your hair healthy and beautiful all summer long. There are many summer time hair tips that you can implement into your daily routine to keep your hair looking and feeling as good as possible. Be sure to schedule an appointment at The Hair Company in Nashua to get a haircut or color just in time for summer!



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