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Do you have a chubby body, often jealousy in front of the opposite person and afraid to go out? You do not know what hairstyle suits your face? Don’t worry, shoulder-length hairstyles are the top choice for you.

Do not think that the fat, big face is not to have short hair, on the contrary, short hair down to the shoulders also helps hide quite a big and round face, making your face look much slimmer.

You can let the long straight hair naturally or make small curls for your hair to grow thicker, helping the overall face balance with your body shape.

You can also gently curl hair to create a soft, regressive look for your hair as well as your face.

Long hair for fat people

Long straight hair is also the first choice for chubby girls. The hair part is hung on the sides to cover the cheeks, making your face look neater.

If the long straight hair is too boring, try changing with the trendy curly tail hairstyle, the curly bobbing makes you really attractive and outstanding in the crowd.

Bad hair for fat people

The carefully trimmed hair that wraps around your ears is also the hairstyle you should consider. Short hair will make your face elegant, facial contours are exposed clearly.

Male hairstyles for fat dwarves

Men hairstyles are not as diverse as women, most are just original short hairstyles. Nowadays, encrusted hair creates different hair models from trendy to casual.

People with a fat face, quite round, so let the undercut hairstyle scrape off the sides, to keep the hair on the top, stick the glue into luxurious sticky.

You in this hairstyle look very manly, strong, elegant.

Hairstyles for fat round faces

Tidy bangs

The old hairstyle is too boring and your face still can not be neat, then switch immediately to slanted bangs that are neat and refreshing for you. Slanted bangs like a cross-style hairstyle cover half of the face, creating a sense for the opposite person to see that your face looks smaller, the face is also much thinner.

In addition, the slanted bangs also help you look very feminine, the slanted bangs come with long curls gently curled as if extending your face significantly, adding femininity and confidence to you.

Curly hair tied back personality

This hairstyle is also a very popular hairstyle not only for her round face but also for those with slimmer faces. The curly hair tied high near the top of the head, the bang is reversed to inflate the personality for you.

Cute bangs

Although bangs have been around for a long time, their heat has not diminished. Flat bangs are perfect for those who own a round face. You look like you’re a few years younger with this flat bang. Even the students can have this flat hairstyle, both lovely and right for their student age.

Curly hair creates bobbing waves

More ideal options for you to cheat face ratio. The advantage of this wavy curly hair is that each strand of curling will cover the imperfections on your face, magnifying the elegant and feminine beauty that you always dreamed of.

Hairstyles for dwarf mushrooms respect the appearance

Shoulder bags are thin

This shoulder-length hairstyle is suitable for most faces and figures and if she has a little dwarf mushroom, don’t worry, she has shoulder-length hair. The plus point for this hairstyle is that the short hair is curled gently to hug your face, making your face look slimmer and longer. Not to mention the shape of the friend also follows that becomes much more elegant.

Long hair bun style

Add a simple hairstyle for her reference more. High buns are easy to do, with just a few simple movements, the ends of your hair will be rolled up. Because the hair has been sharpened all over your face so that it looks much neater. This high bun hair is extremely dynamic, youthful, you look like you are much younger.

Lovely braided hair for short walking mushrooms

Tet hair is originally only for students but in recent years, braided hair is gradually being a trend of young people. The reason why? Simply because this hairstyle is easy to perform while concealing your face, you look like a real Korean idol. Not to mention the neatly plaited two braids also make the effect for your height longer.

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