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TOP 7 nail polish colors for 2020

For those who love to do nails, surely can not remove “TOP 7 nail polish colors with dark skin” hottest this year!

If a lot of girls pay attention to skincare and invest a lot of expensive cosmetic products to care for the skin, every time they go out, they also have to wear beautiful makeup to be confident enough to go out. And girls also love to wear very nice, stylish clothes to be more confident. However, not many people care about your nails.

One thing that some girls realize is that their fingernails and toenails are like jewels on our bodies. If we know how to care for and beautiful our nails, our hands and feet will be more prominent and attractive. Thanks to that, clothes or faces are also adorned to be more radiant.

Therefore, to beautify your hands, you should choose nail polishes with colors that match your skin tone and skin tone to use. It can be said that nail polish, there will be a lot of people who think that they have to go to nail salons to sit for hours to paint, apply sophisticated stone to be beautiful. But not only do you need to trim your nails neatly and choose a favorite paint color, made the hands look much better, but we can completely do it at home alone.

Currently, on the market, there are many types of nail colors as well as different paint materials, very diverse and rich. However, to ensure the health of your hands as well as to keep your nails healthy, you should buy paints with clear origin and origin of big and prestigious brands. Do not be cheap to buy cheap nail polish only five to ten thousand at the student market. We don’t know what kind of ingredients are in our paints or are they harmful to our health. There are many popular cosmetic brands that produce nail polish with super nice colors, super easy to use but still extremely cheap prices like Innisfree, Skin Food, 3CE, …

The color of nail polish is suitable for dark skin

For those with dark skin, it is not only difficult to choose costumes, lipstick colors because it will be very easy to make the skin dull, dark. The choice of nail polish for dark-skinned skin is also quite difficult, because if you do not use the right colors, not only your hands and feet will not stand out, but they will also be dark, less vibrant.

Red nail polish

Plum red nail polish is a classic color that most girls love. Like plum red lipstick, plum red nail polish is not picky skin tone, skin tone, any skin tone, any skin tone can be used. This paint will help your skin look noticeably brighter. In addition, these paint colors also create a youthful, more attractive for users.

Light brown nail polish

Light brown nail polish is also a good choice for those with dark skin. The light brown color is not too prominent, creating a lightness, but still very personal for the user. Especially this color will be very easy for you in the combination with the type of outfit without having to worry about the problem of deviating tone, or not matching the outfit.

Pastel pink nail polish

In recent years, pastel tones are very popular and popular. Different from normal tones, pastel tones create fragility, femininity, and elegance. Therefore, it is very suitable for girls who love the “dirt cake” style. There are many pastel pink colors, most nail polish brands must have a pastel pink tone.

Pastel pink paint will not be too picky for you with dark skin, but when using this paint, you should consider carefully!

Gray nail polish

Gray nail polish is a unique color not to be missed in the list of nail polish colors for dark skin.

This personality paint will make your hands and feet more prominent and brighter.

What color is toenail?

If you are not blocked too much by dark skin, there will be many beautiful nail polish tones for you.

There are many beautiful colors of toenails such as black, red, glitter, glittering neon colors. Of course, to put these nail colors on the feet is beautiful and moderately delicate, you should combine the tones together, the paint will be more beautiful. For example, creating ombre effects, nail style, a combination of two independent colors, … will help your nail polish no longer boring but more prominent.

The hottest nail polish color today

In this year, there are many beautiful hot nail polish colors, which are enthusiastically welcomed by the sisters.

The tone of nude paint

Different from the colorful nail polish colors that help us stand out, the nude colors bring lightness and sophistication. Although not too fussy, the hand color gives a unique appeal. The most popular nude paint colors are currently pink nude tones.

The brown paint colors

Not unlike the trend of brown lipstick, earthy browns are also applied in nail polish colors. Nail polish with shades of red, pink, purple, blue, … but mixed with brown colors will create a harmonious balance, not too dazzling but still enough to make pretty hands and feet. more beautiful.

Mint green nail polish

Also a new color tone this year, but quickly has been used by many girls. Mint green paint is very cute and youthful, suitable and easily combined with many types of costumes with different styles.

To choose the right nail polish color, you should first understand your skin tone and skin tone. Because depending on the tone of the skin is a cool or warm skin tone that suits each paint color. Because to have a beautiful nail depends not only on dark skin or light skin but also a lot on skin tone.

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